.:{sophie}:. all you need is love (helena_rw) wrote in mcfly_mpreg,
.:{sophie}:. all you need is love

Okay, really weird idea...

I was thinking about a McFly concert I'm going to in September, and it's always been an idea to give McFly a present. Well, I got talking to a friend and decided that this time, I'd be different from a normal fan and give them a pair of small, cheap baby shoes. (awww.) Then these shoes could be put in a box, with a general message on the lid, then on the inside I could put messages from the noble slash fans on the walls of the box.

Would anyone here be interested to make a contribution to the project? If I get enough replies I'll put up a post for messages and after a certain date I could tell you if I managed to give the box to them. *crosses her fingers in the hope that it doesn't sound stupid*
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